Adorable Fondant Topped Whovian Cupcakes

Nerdache Cakes Doctor Who Cupcakes

I’m glad there are people who are good with fondant. I’m sadly not one of them, but I enjoy the heck out of admiring their work.

Nerdache Cakes is one of your best sources for full on nerd food porn. This Doctor and Tardis combo are just the tip of the tasty sugar iceberg. You’ll also find Thor and Loki from the Avengers, Deadpool from Marvel Comics, Minecraft, Sherlock Holmes, Hello Kitty, and a delightfully diverse set of geektastic confections.

If you live in New Jersey, their prices for cupcakes are surprisingly reasonable at only $4.75 for fondant and $3 without it. (You can also get full sized fully decorated cakes.) They don’t ship cakes or cupcakes for obvious reasons,  but they will ship you far sturdier decorated sugar cookies.

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