Deadpool Week Preview

Deadpool Wallpaper

Hold onto your chimichangas, kids, because this week’s recipes have been pre-licked by the merc with a mouth to claim them as his very own. Sadly, you can’t get third hand healing powers from eating Deadpool’s spit, but don’t tell that to his lady-friends.

Deadpool with the Illustrated Geek Cookbook

What can you look forward to?

Kitchen Overlord's Deadpool Magic Cake 01

Get ready for Deadpool to cream all over your face with this belt buckle shaped Magic Custard Cake.

Kitchen Overlord's Deadpool Cookies

Snack on some Deadpool cookies

Deadpool Sushi

Enjoy the taste of raw flesh with Deadpool sushi

Deadpool Belt Buckle Sweet Rolls by Kitchen Overlord

Get a little doughy in middle age with Deadpool sweet rolls

Deadpool Brownies Wide 01

Start a staring contest with your food after baking these Red Velvet Deadpool Brownies.

Deadpool 05

Admire a ton of fondant covered Deadpool Cakes.

Kitchen Overlord Deadpool Chimichangas Header

And, of course, Chimichangas!

Keep coming back to Kitchen Overlord for a Deadpool-tastic recipe each day this week!

Deadpool Fuck Yeah

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