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Dining With The Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook

A lot of people found a shiny new Kindle under their Christmas tree. As a post-holiday present for you, I’m giving away Dining With The Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook for three days.

Since allergies/special diets are practically a requirement for geeks, the draft changed a lot as I went back to make sure I had recipes friendly for celiacs, almost nothing with peanuts, and plenty of dishes for both vegetarians and paleo/low carb dieters. Need a recipe modded for your special diet? Just ask. I’m always happy to oblige.

If you like it, I humbly request you leave a positive review on Amazon. Positive reviews = cash, and cash = more geek cookbooks for you to enjoy. You don’t need to do it for me. Do it for the geek food porn you know you crave. That’s right, show me some love and you’ll see a Firefly cookbook in your stocking around X-Mas. I am not above bribery.

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