Doctor Who Cookbook Cover Art is Here!

Dining With the Doctor Regenerated Cover

Behold the shiny new cover art for Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated! The artist did a great job evoking his cover for the first edition while still making it clear this is a new and distinct book.

For comparison, check out the first and second edition covers side by side:

Doctor Who Cookbook 1st and 2nd edition covers side by side - Dining With the Doctor

I’m really happy with the end result. It maintains all the feel and branding of the original while still being easy to distinguish when shrunk down to Amazon thumbnail size.

Meanwhile, I’m 44% of the way through primary photography. Along the way, Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated is expanding a smidge. Instead of the originally promised 120 recipes, it’s now closer to 140. The final book will still be 280 pages with 100 pages of photographs because that part of the budget is set in stone. To make room, some of the photo pages include more than one dish.

Dining With the Doctor Regenerated Custard Vortex With TARDIS interior hex windowpane cookies

As an example, check out this dessert-heavy page depicting TARDIS interior hex windowpane cookies in the foreground and a lemon blueberry custard in the middle. (Plus hints of the Boarding School Professor’s Tea Stone Fruit Tart and Burnt Custard Sun Peach Melba in the background. Don’t worry – those two recipes will have separate photos of their own.)

While I’m busy working on the second edition of my Doctor Who cookbook, feel free to poke around Kitchen Overlord’s archives. You’ll find over 300 nerdy recipes from a variety of fandoms, all there to tide you over until I finish this book and start posting fresh new recipes again.

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