Geek Cake Friday: 11 Shiniest Firefly Cakes

We’re wrapping up Firefly Week by bringing you the shinest cakes in the ‘verse.

Firefly 01

Lots of people make Serenity cakes, but only Pinkbunny surrounded theirs with the decapitated heads of the entire ship’s crew neatly mounted on cupcakes.

Firefly 03

Nice job, DeviantArtist Sephira Al Maya!  I like making the cake itself look like the planet’s atmosphere. Now pull a Crazy Ivan and get that cake in my mouth.

Firefly 10

I found this well intentioned mashup of Serenity and a sleepy dinosaur over on Cake Central. From the right angle, it looks like an evil overlord decided to mate their cyborg cat with a bumblebee.

Firefly 12

Meanwhile, in Australia, Sydney Cakes made a neat greyscale adaptation of Serenity. Three guesses at the secret message written in Chinese.

Firefly 08

Nerdalicious brought us this camo colored Serenity cake surrounded by fondant sculptures of the crew after their tragic encounter with a growth ray. I want to see a giant fondant Wash stomp nearby cakes into submission.

Firefly 14

CakeLava brought us this version of Serenity after it was refurbished by Cylons.

Firefly 11

Between the Pages found Peter’s extra shiny birthday cake. Try to spot the subtle photoshoppery.

Firefly 13

I want The Cake Creche to make my next birthday cake. That’s an admirable level of attention to detail.

Firefly 04

There’s something super charming about a home made Firefly cake. Go, Browncoats! Via DeviantArt

Firefly 06

BringItSucka’s minimalist cake wins for best use of simplicity.

Firefly 07

Two by two, hands of – touch my cake and I’ll kill you with my mind. Now, what was I saying? Via FireflyFans.Net


The good folks at Out Nerd Me donated a gorgeous Firefly poster to the lair. This Browncoat Inspired Gorgeousness can be yours!

OutNerdMe Firefly

To win, simply like our Facebook page and post your favorite recipe to your own wall during Firefly Week. Make sure to include @KitchenOverlord in the status so we’ll be notified you posted a recipe. One random commenter will win the poster.


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