Geek Cake Friday: Top 10 Sandworm Cakes

This week, we’ve brought you Sandworm Wellington, Sandworm Bread, and Sandworm Crudites. It only seemed appropriate we end the week by rounding up a collection of Sandworm cakes.

Sandworm 00 Dune Cake via WCNews

First honors have to go to the person who made this glorious Dune book cover cake. Okay, there’s technically not a sandworm on the cover, but if you’re a Dune fan, you know what lurks within those pages. via

Sandworm 02 via Janas Fun Cakes

I can’t decide what I adore most about this cake. Stillsuits! Riding hooks! So many teeth!  via Jana’s Fun Cakes

Sandworm 12 via flickrhivemind

Watch out, little ornithropter. Your landing vibrations attracted attention.  via Flickrhivemind

Sandworm 04 via Fremen vs Ariel

I too have an irrational love of David Lynch’s Dune, cake artist. Who cares that all that black leather would be totally impractical in the desert. It looks awesome. via Dragonmount

Sandworm 01 via DeviantArt

This lonely sandworm doesn’t have any humans around to eat. Hey, someone come light the candles to keep him company… via deviantArtist Storminformin

Sandworm 05 via Pintrest

I can’t tell whether that face down Fremen thinks he’s a ninja or if he’s this little maker’s first casualty. Either way, it’s awesome. via Pintrest

Sandworm 03 via Cake Kitty

Happy Birthday! Your family loves you so much they not only made this cake in your honor, but have also decided not to recover the water in your body for one more year.  via Cake Kitty

Sandworm 06 via flickrhivemind

I approve of any baker that refuses to give into the Fondant Mafia. Great use of a second spice cake to build up the worm and all his rings. via Flickrhivemind

Sandworm 07 via FeastyGeeks

I know these are technically cupcakes, but they win for best use of sandy frosting and gummy bears. via Feasty Geeks

Know Your Sandworms Chart

Meanwhile, over on deviantArt, all the sandworm love goes to Beetlejuice.

Sandworm 10 via deviantArt

I love this simple combination of a home baked cake, an action figure, plus paper and markers. via deviantArt

Sandworm 13 via artsuberry on deviantArt

It’s hard to tell whether this cake is topped with a Sandworm or carrying handles. via deviantArtist Artsubbery

Sandworm 08 via deviantArt

I can get over the M&M eyes and Oreo spine ridges, but something about that candy corn smile is extra disturbing. via deviantArt

Need Some Actual Dune Recipes?

Kitchen Overlord Dune Header

Sandworm Wellington
Spice Stuffed Sandworm Bread
Sandworm Spice Cookies
Tabara Cake and Spice Tea
Sandworm Crudites
Spice Stuffed Squash Sandworms

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