Settlers of the Noms: Breakfast O Rama

It’s time for some more good, old fashioned food porn.

I’m making steady, tasty progress on Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook. Behold below my biscuit bar (complete with hex shaped biscuits made from scratch), waffle bar (including bananas foster fields) and, because I live in Texas, the Breakfast Taco Bar.

I know you’re all disappointed that “breakfast tacos” aren’t crunchy corn shells full of mashed up blueberry muffins topped with a handful of Cap’n Crunch. They’re basically miniature breakfast burritos,and let me tell you, they’re delicious.

All three of these edible Settlers of Catan boards are meant for a leisurely brunch afternoon full of gaming goodness. The host should be able to put the boards together before anyone arrives and let friends nom off them all day. If you’re a really good host, you’ll leave a big bowl of waffle batter next to a waffle iron and let people make fresh ones (as I call it, “hotel style”) whenever they’re in the mood. For the breakfast tacos, the Geneva convention forbids serving three hour old cold scrambled eggs (though raw eggs in the shell are good for weeks), so leave out a skillet and some butter or oil and you or your guests can freshly scramble an egg in literally two minutes whenever a fresh taco is coveted.
Kitchen Overlord - Settlers of Catan Biscuit Bar  Kitchen Overlord - Settlers of Catan Waffle Bar

Kitchen Overlord - Settlers of Catan Breakfast Taco Bar

You can find recipes for all of the hextastic goodness in
Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook.

Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook Cover

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  • Again, you are creating so much awesomeness. Where can I get one of these fabulous serving trays?!

    • Chris-Rachael Oseland

      Thanks! I’m actually using super cheap hexagonal science sample weigh boats. You can find them here:

      The “small” size is only about 2 inches across. I use it for condiments. You can see it in the Biscuit board. Everything else is served in the “medium” sized boats. Be warned – they’re pretty flimsy, but they make up for it by being super cheap – about $20 for 100 of them, including shipping. They’re designed to be disposable.

      You can buy actual hex shaped serving dishes, but they’re super expensive. The cheapest I could find online was around $12 each. You need 19 dishes to make a Settlers of Catan map. For that kind of money, you could buy the gorgeous boxed set. I prefer the disposable weigh boats because they’re accessible to gamers who aren’t made of money.

      One more note of caution – the medium boats look small, but they actually fit about 2 cups of food. Each. They use the same crazy volumetric magic as the bottomless little silver dishes at good Indian restaurants. Each of those boards represents a hearty meal for 6 (assuming you have the expansion pack for extra players) plus some leftovers for everyone to take home. Honest.

  • Loving your recipes, and their silly presentation (aka: awesome).. I was going to ask about the hexagon trays as well, but see that you already answered where you got them from! Looking forward to more.

  • What is the desert on the biscuit board?

    • Chris-Rachael Oseland

      Home made honey butter. 1/2 stick of butter, 1/4 cup of honey, and a little quality time in the microwave. I like to whisk it together, let it cool, then form nice slice-able logs out of it when I’m not using it as a desert substitute.

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  • Hi – this is awesome! Quick question – how large is the blue serving plate under the breakfast board? I’m thinking about gifting this idea, and if the dishes are as flimsy as you say, a sturdy under-plate would be essential!

    • Chris-Rachael Oseland

      The blue dish is a standard pizza tray I picked up from the grocery store. (Honestly, in person it’s more of a blue-silver superhero color. Any standard flat (not perforated for extra crispiness) pizza pan should do just fine.

      Also, with this company, the smaller the dishes, the sturdier they are. The extra small ones you see above can be washed and re-used a few times. When you get to the small and medium ones, the plastic really is one use disposable stuff. I only used the pizza pan to make the biscuit bar easier to move out of the way when it came time to game. If you’ve got a large table with plenty of space, you honestly don’t need a support dish on bottom.

      FYI, the book with all these recipes and more will be out at the end of the summer.

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  • This is awesome and your website is awesome.

  • Where do you get the hexagon serving bowls?

    • Chris-Rachael Oseland

      I used hexagonal scientific weigh boats. They’re cheap, disposable, and available from Amazon.

      Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook has details on which sizes work best with which dishes.

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