White Chocolate Cyberman Heads

Doctor Who - White Chocolate Cyberman Heads

The first time I realized a white chocolate dipped strawberry looks like a Cybeman’s head, I giggled like the voices that whisper messages via my dental fillings had just given me next week’s lottery numbers. Those simplified faces make this a delightfully easy, instantly recognizable dessert. Making your own is also a heck of a lot cheaper than buying chocolate

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Recipe Countdown: Ood Rolls Will Sing You to Your Sweets

Behold! The adorable Ood dinner rolls won’t sing you to your sleep, but they will silently judge your choice of entree. Much like the misunderstood Ood themselves, these adorkable rolls were born in confusion to a world that didn’t fully understand them. You see, I wasn’t trying to create alien life using common household items. I was actually trying to

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Recipe Countdown: Slitheen Eggs

This week, Kitchen Overlord is counting down to Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary special with iconic Whovian recipes. You’ll find this recipe for Slitheen Eggs in Chapter 1 of Dining With The Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook. I was honestly surprised to learn the photo is a little shocking for people who have never made Chinese tea eggs. Rest assured, you’re

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Edible Art: Dalek Bread Will Exterminate Your Hunger

Be prepared for this simple bread to exterminate your hunger! It’s one of the fastest and easiest things to throw on your table for a Doctor Who viewing party. If you’re busy with more complicated recipes, this happens to be something you can safely hand off to drunks, children, or anyone with a pathological fear of the kitchen. Dalek Bread

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The 12th Doctor is Peter Capaldi

Say hello to Peter Capaldi. I was expecting an older doctor this time around, but I wasn’t expecting one we’d already seen on both Doctor Who and Torchwood. I enjoy a good game of spot-the-Whovian-actor whenever I’m watching Merlin/Game of Thrones/Downton Abbey/anything else on BBCA, but this feels a touch excessive. The United Kingdom has over 62 million citizens. Despite

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