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Deviled Ood with Horseradish and Bacon (from the new Doctor Who Cookbook)

Ood deviled eggs with horseradish and bacon from Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated

Deviled Ood with Horseradish and Bacon (Season 2, Episode 9: The Satan Pit) Are you questioning the logic of exploring a planet orbiting a black hole? Has your favorite archaeologist acquired some disturbing new tattoos? Are your Ood servants muttering incomprehensible gibberish while serving your food? No? Well, they will be once they see these fast and easy one-bite appetizers

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Vegetarian Week: Burke Says These Totally Aren’t Alien Facehugger Eggs

Kitchen Overlord Ominious Alien Egg

Your Kitchen Overlord is sneaking away a great train caper. Rather than leave you hungry in my absence, this week I’m reprinting five of my best vegetarian recipes in honor of the fact that I’m traveling from the hipster enclave of Austin to the hippie rainforest of Portland in a retro-futuristic style the Victorians would’ve admired. Dude, I don’t detect

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The Noshing Dead: Cherry Clafouti Scabby Skin

Kitchen Overlord Cherry Clafouti Rectangle

Maybe we look too healthy. The walkers outside need fresh human flesh, right? I think I’ve found a way to make us look like our skin is inflamed and we’re covered in delicious scabs. If you’re French, a snob, or both, the mark of a really well made cherry clafouti is a pure beige pancake pitted with dark red cherries.

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