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How are you celebrating Catansgiving?

I have news, minions! While you thought I was lazily sanding rust off my murderbots or genetically engineering fluffy squirrels to have vicious fangs, I was actually working hard on making sure you can buy Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook in time for Catansgiving. Wood for Sheep will […]

Recipes and Tasty Goodness

Settlement (of Catan) Salad

I know, my minions. You’re hurting for more geeky recipes. As much as I occasionally enjoy your pain (keep those YouTube videos coming), today I hear your pleas and release unto you what is, quite frankly, one of the least inspiring recipes in the upcoming book Wood for Sheep: The […]

Recipes and Tasty Goodness

Settlers of Catan City Pot Pies

A sturdy city is built on two kinds of grain, three kinds of ore, and the forgotten ruins of the settlement that came before it. This hex shaped city is nourished with hearty wheat flour and cornmeal, for lo, our fields are fertile. It’s reinforced with the healthy building blocks […]