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Kitchen Overlord Illustrated Geek Cookbook Kickstarter Reward Jack Harness from Torchwood

Kickstarter Update: Whovian Love-A-Thon

Allons-Y, Whovians! I’m not saying I’ve kept Tom at the drawing board until his fingers bled (it’s probably just scurvy) but he has finished the Doctor Who inspired art for two of our stretch goals! We’re only $1000 away from giving all our print book backers a copy of the […]

Dining With The Doctor

This may be my favorite screen shot EVER. Timmy the Monkey hath deemed me worthy, and lo, upon his site did he offer my Whovian cookbook. I’ve had a crush on ThinkGeek since I bought my Schrodinger’s Cat t-shirt. They hand pick the very best geek swag, and gosh, they […]