This is what happens when you raise your kids to be geeks


Look at what I made with my mind! And with Tom Gordon’s fingers. And with a heck of a lot of groceries. Okay, maybe there was more to it than just transmitting my fevered visions directly into your brain. That’s what working with Tom feels like, though. I experiment in my kitchen, write a nerdy recipe, and when he’s lucky, send along a couple reference photos. Then, somehow, he miraculously pulls EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING out of my brain and turns it into art.

We’ve kept this madness up for two years, and now, we’re almost done. Next week, we send the final Illustrated Geek Cookbook manuscript to the printers. After we mail backer rewards to all our awesome Kickstarter donors this December, the rest of the print run will be for sale on Amazon.

As a second generation geek, I literally can’t remember a time when my house wasn’t packed with science fiction books, comics, and geeky art purchased at conventions. All that nerdy goodness made me who I am today. This book is our love letter to fandom.

While we all restlessly wait for the printer to deliver the hardbacks, you can preview poster sized versions of the recipes on Kitchen Overlord’s Illustrated Geek Recipes page.

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