Top 15 Evil Halloween Apple Crafts

Halloween - Vampire Caramel Apples

I’ve seen caramel apples. I’ve seen apple mouths full of marshmallow teeth. I never would’ve imagined combining the two would make for such an easy, awesome Halloween craft. You can get the full recipe for Vampire Caramel Apples at Erica’s Sweet Tooth.

Halloween Apple Jack Skellington

I’m not the only one who loves The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you’re tired of caramel, dip your apples in white chocolate and decorate them with a little dark chocolate to achieve this Jack Skellington-esque effect.

Halloween Apple Monster 02

DeviantArtist artsymartsyrox demonstrated how easy it is to make a few strategic slices in a Granny Smith apple before leaving it alone for a day. Monsters emerge, people. If you live alone, don’t wander into your kitchen after dark.

Halloween Apple Monster

If you need more generic but imaginative monster faces, Kids Activity Blog hosts a variety of options.

Halloween Apple Mummies 02

If you’re afraid of your oven or looking for a healthy Halloween alternative, you can make some passable mummies from nothing but a couple grocery store googly eyes and a short length of stretchy gauze.

Halloween Apple O Lanterns

Sure, you can carve pumpkins and leave them on your doorstep for a month. Or,  you can spend five minutes in the morning strategically carving an apple before leaving it on your coworker’s desk. Maybe you make an artful Halloween scene. Maybe you threaten their families. Apples rot fast, so no one else ever has to know what you say. A day later and your message is gone.

Halloween Apple Skulls

This Halloween, add an extra layer to your caramel apples by draping the tops in white chocolate and strategically peeling away skull shapes.

Halloween Apple Teeth

All this complicated stuff can be intimidating. You can make some perfectly good Halloween Apple Bites using just three ingredients.

Halloween Apple_Monster_Mouths_main-340x340

Over at Healthy Halloween Treats, it doesn’t matter how many marshmallows or candy corn you use, as long as there are apples involved no snack is bad for you.

Halloween Baked Apple Mummies

Meanwhile, Special Fork’s blog details how to make deceptively simple baked apple mummies.

Halloween Dried Apple Shrunken Heads

The Semi-Creative Genius wants to help you transform applies into shrunken human heads with little more than a knife, a stick, some googly eyes, and bad intentions.

Halloween Poison Apples

Unhappily Ever After fairy tale fans can make their own poisoned apples courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Halloween Apple Cider Cups

There is no reason these PG Apple Cups from Great Scott can’t be filled with PG-13 Hard Apple Cider.

Halloween Apple Punch

If you really enjoy both carving and scaring the crap out of your guests, why not make some extra special spiked apple cider with floating faces?

Halloween Apple Cocktail

If, on the other hand, you prefer less judgement when drinking, try this Sinister Apple Cider Cocktail from PopSugar.

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