Celebrate the return of The Walking Dead by building your own corpse from kitchen scraps

Your best friend turned into a Walker and shambled off into the distance. Now you’re full of post apocalyptic loneliness and ennui. Don’t give in to depression. We can rebuild them. Better. Stronger. Tastier. All we need is a well stocked kitchen where we can assemble the parts. Kitchen Overlord’s lair comes equipped with recipes for:

The Noshing Dead - Easy Recipe for Plucked Zombie Fig Eyes


Daryl's PalmiEARS


Kitchen Overlord Vegan Pumpkin Zombie Jerky


Zombie Flesh Roasted Beets


Kitchen Overlord Zombie Wot


Sweet banana cinnamon spreadable guts for Walking Dead theme parties from The Noshing Dead cookbook.


Zombie Walk Beet Heart


Zombie Brains recipe header


Merle Dixon's edible arm as an apple tart for Walking Dead theme parties from The Noshing Dead cookbook.

A severed arm

Walking Dead sweet snack spread from The Noshing Dead cookbook.

Or an entire flayed torso

Or, if you’re not into all that pesky cooking, you can oogle and admire other people’s re-creations of their lost friends in the form of delicious zombie cakes.

WD 03 Artisan Cake Company via imgur

If this isn’t enough gory goodness for you, like Kitchen Overlord on Facebook or stay tuned for Kitchen Overlord’s upcoming gore-tastic post-apocalyptic cookbook, The Noshing Dead, coming soon.

The Noshing Dead: The Unauthorized Walking Dead Cookbook

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