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Settlers of the Noms: Mediterranean Map

Kitchen Overlord Settlers of Catan Mezee Map

My edible Settlers of Catan map this week was based on some of my favorite Mediterranean foods. Behold mountains made from a mix of raisins and figs, hills of roasted red bell pepper hummus, fields of pita, cucumber pastures, keema forests, and a tzaziki desert in the middle.

Kitchen Overlord Settlers of Catan Mezze Map Closeup

You really need to look at it from eye level to get a real idea how the Mediterranean Mezze Map really looked. The height formed by the fig mountains and the triangles of pita gave it a real depth.

Before you grumpily mutter that you can’t make maps like these because you don’t spend all your extra income on special hex shaped dishes, psst, let me clue you in on my secret. It turns out you can get 100 disposable hex shaped dishes for $20. The small size ends up about 1/3 smaller than an actual board while the medium (pictured above) isn’t too much larger than the real thing.
You can find recipes for all of the hextastic goodness in Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook.

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