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Settlers of the Noms: All-American Meatloaf Board

Kitchen Overlord Settlers of Catan Meatloaf Dinner Board

I’m once more working on Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook. This photo came out as delicious as the meal. I couldn’t resist sharing my hearty All-American meatloaf board.

This All-American map has a meatloaf main course (mountains) with sides of corn (fields), peas (pasture) and asparagus (forest). The hills were supposed to be roasted beets, but they came out far too dark, so I subbed in bright red cherry tomatoes for bricks. It’s finished off with some nice hex shaped buttermilk biscuits for the desert and surrounded by an ocean of, er…okay, that’s where it breaks down. Instead of blue bread, I mixed my science fiction metaphors and served up Soylent Green stuffed rolls (basil pesto and roasted garlic swirl in vegan rolls.)

I love the colors on this board. Technically, the meatloaf should be greyer, but what these mountains lack in unsavory color they make up for in genuine height. Asparagus makes even better forests than broccoli. If you don’t like cherry tomatoes, bright red bell peppers would work just as well (though they’d be a heck of a lot more expensive.)

As much as I adore the Mediterranean and Cold Picnic maps, this is the sort of hearty fare a family could realistically throw together for dinner around the table followed by a family game night. Play with your food, play with your family. Everybody wins.
You can find recipes for all of the hextastic goodness in Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook.

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