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Kick Off Your Summer With Free eBooks

Spring is in the air. These days, that means a lot of you are out of school and thus out of money while you scramble for a shiny new job, or at least an internship that might lead to some blessed future state of employment. Since I spent many years in the academic mines myself, I don’t want my fellow broke lovers of books to suffer from a lack of reading material.

My “How Will I Survive Until Student Loans Come In This Fall” present to you is a slew of free Kindle books.

If you’ve got kids, or just love Tesla, you can pick up “Counting With Tesla” for free June 3-8.

Wait, this is a cooking blog. You’re not interested in science. You’re here for recipes. Luckily, I’m giving away three great excuses to drink away your sorrow this summer.

SteamDrunks: 101 Steampunk Cocktails and Mixed Drinks: June 7-9

Bad Girl’s Boba: Boozy Bubble Tea Cocktails: June 6-10

The Unauthorized True Blood Drinking Guide: June 20-22

Where to Find Geek Girls: June 8-9

Okay, this one isn’t a cookbook, but spring conventions are like spawning season for geeks. As a second generation geek girl, I give offer the lads some tips on where to find the accessible, interesting geek girls who are dying to hear from someone who loves Lord of the Rings more than football and whips out his Utilikilt on formal dress occasions.

I’m also giving away a slew of lighthearted short stories during the first week in June. Check back different days to see which ones are free. If you have a free Kindle app on your phone and need something to read in the bathroom, consider these a good supplement for Cracked.com articles.

(If you don’t own a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle app for your PC, iOS or Android tablet, or smartphone.)