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New Star Trek Wine Needs to be Assimilated into my Kitchen

Star Trek wine

Clearly, I need to invest in a label printer, because I am a sucker for any geek themed booze. In the purity of my imagination, it would be faster, cheaper, and somehow even geekier if I relabeled the leftover pumpkin pie ale in my fridge “Fremen Spice Beer” and slapped ‘That’s Not a Moon!” correction stickers over my Blue Moon beer.

Pesky international shipping laws kept me from acquiring my very own six pack of Vulcan Ale, but now Viansa Winery has conjured three new Trek-tastic temptations in the form of officially licensed Star Trek Wine. These should be assimilated into my wine rack’s collective. All three red blend varietals are named after episodes. A bottle of Mirror Mirror, Trouble With Tribbles, or City on the Edge of Forerver will knock you back $44.99 (including $20 shipping) or you can get a three pack for $74.79 (shipping included).

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