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To boldly drink

Star Trek wine

Staring into the temptation of Star Trek wines led me through a wormhole that emptied in a place far stranger than the Gamma Quadrant. There’s a very special corner of the internet reserved entirely for alcoholic Trekkers.

I want to go to their parties.

If you’re going to invest in Star Trek Wines, you need Star Trek Wine Goblets to serve them in. For $65, Etsy seller ImpulseCreativity will hand paint your command, science, and engineering goblets to look like something Guinan should stock in Ten Forward.

If you prefer your Trek a little more old school, CyberGlassware etches command, engineering, science and medical Original Series insignia onto white wine glasses for only $35.

ThinkGeek also offers four engraved Star Trek: The Original Series tumblers for $30.

Before you crack open your bottle of Mirror Mirror, you’ll want a Klingon Corkscrew (not to be confused with an Agonizer unless you want to risk special discipline from the great Goateed one.)

Now that you have a Klingon Bird of Prey to open your wines and and Next Generation or Original Series goblets for serving, you obviously need a modified Bat’leth wine rack for proper bottle storage.

If all that makes wine seem like too much of a hassle, you can always grab your trusty Enterprise bottle opener and kick back with a six pack of Vulcan Ale.

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