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Geek Cake Friday: Top 13 The Nightmare Before Christmas Cakes

For Geeks, there’s only one way proper way to celebrate Halloween.

Wait. What am I saying? This is our national holiday. There are a gazillion ways for Geeks to celebrate Halloween, ranging from epic lawn decorations to Sexy Optimus Prime costumes. However, when we all come together at the end of the night, hyper from sugar and a little drunk, there’s only one thing we crave.

The Nightmare Before  Christmas.

In celebration of this geekiest of all geek holiday movies, the one film that can unify us from October through December, I present ten epic geek cakes celebrating Tim Burton and Danny Elfman’s cinematic holiday masterpiece.

Starting over at Imgur, we find this amazing cake that includes Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie, and even zero.

Romantics can stop by When Geeks Wed for this amazing Nightmare Before Christmas wedding cake.

Meanwhile, The Cake Girl kept it simple for her Jack Skellington inspired holiday treat.

Over at Perfect Wedding Day, they demonstrate that geek love is as strong as the fondant that holds this wedding cake together as Jack and Sally unite on the coiled cakey bridge.

Cooking Delicious Cakes attempts to animate both Oogie Boogie and the Christmas Spirit in a single cake confection.

Cake Central brings us Jack’s birthday cake.

Goths and geeks alike can appreciate this couple who decided to forgo the usual pregnant belly or exploding fetus cakes in favor of Jack Skellington cradling his and Sally’s newborn horror.

Custom Cakes by Tracee joined in on the whole Halloween themed baby cake celebration.

ABC Cake Shop showed the movie all kinds of love with this detailed wedding cake.

Fans of the ever perky Zero will be happy to see he merited his own fondant-tastic homage by Debbie Goard.

Square cake traditionalists can enjoy the decoration on each layer of this Nightmare Before Christmas confection.

Nadia Cakes made this multi-tiered, squirl-topped cake for Jack and Sally.

Finally, brings us this epic Seuss-esque Nightmare cake of adorable epicness.

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