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Geek Cake Friday: Top 10 Edible Childhood Boardgames

They say life is but a game. Based on my latest book, you already know which one I enjoy playing most, but for those of you who have full, healthy lives that don’t involve hexes, here are 10 amazing gamer cakes based on old school childhood games from days of yore, plus one bonus Euro Groom’s Cake.

This fine gentleman celebrated his love of gaming with a Eurogame-tastic groom’s cake. I’m pleased to see someone is a big fan of Days of Wonder and Z-Man Games, but where’s his copy of Settlers of Catan?

Wait – where’s Tim Curry?

Is this cake suggesting Mrs. White did it with Colonel Mustard in the ballroom?

Scrabble? Yawn. How many points do I get for Xanax?

Shocked through the heart, and you’re to blame. You give buzzing operation games a bad name.

Taboo – the game for people who think Cards Against Humanity will send you straight to hell and Apples to Apples is dangerously risque.

I can’t decide if I’m impressed with or terrified of this candy coated Candyland board. Can I please play Agricola instead? It doesn’t make me feel so strange inside. Or so sticky outside.

Monopoly – the game you only play if you want to murder a family member before morning.

A game about the futility of existence seems a little heavy for a birthday party.

Maybe Mom will see this version of Life as a Buddhist circle of constant improvement and reincarnation instead of an American treadmill of ceaseless pointless existence. I’m rooting for the Buddhist version, because I promise once you master this one, there are much better, newer games to enjoy.

Apples to Apples – the classic card game of mild embarrassment for people who are terrified of having an honest conversation with their families this holiday season.

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