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Geek Cake Friday: 10 Doctor Who Cakes (That Aren’t A TARDIS)

Most Doctor Who inspired cakes come in two forms – rectangular blue police boxes or candy colored phallic Daleks. This week, we’re stepping outside the blue box for a look at creative cakes showcasing the rest of Doctor Who’s rich iconography.

This elegant Doctor Who cake combines everything from the Seal of Rassilon to the Crack in the Wall to Tom Baker’s scarf in order to create an instantly iconic Doctor Who cake without resorting to everyone’s favorite blue box. Via


Hopefully, the bride and groom already know one another’s names, because we all know Gallifreyan doesn’t translate. Via


As Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor taught us, bowties are cool in any form. Via


The 11th Doctor may have popularized classic neck-wear, but the good folks at Bakingdom think the rest of the Doctors are cool enough to deserve their own iconic cakes. Via


Okay, technically there’s a TARDIS cupcake ruining my No-TARDIS rule for this post, but I could spend 2000 years eating my way out of that gorgeous Pandorica cake. Via


This Harry Potter/Doctor Who crossover cake is perfect for any kid who loves scarves and wands. (Admit it, the sonic screwdriver is just a futuristic magic wand.) Via


This sonic screwdriver may not work on wood, but it’ll do the job on your hunger. Via


This Whovian cake does a great job celebrating the 11th Doctor’s tenure without a single blue box.


I love the way the weeping angels show off the baker’s fondant sculpting skills while letting them use far tastier buttercream to coat the actual cake.


As you can tell by this impressive cake, the clockwork men are a perfect crossover for steampunk Whovains. Via

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