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Geek Cake Friday: 21 Supernatural ’67 Impala Baby Cakes

On The Road So Far, Geek Cake Friday has brought you sugary tributes to everything from The Walking Dead Zombies to Doctor Who Aliens to Hobbit Holes.

Sure, I’ve tackled Supernatural cakes before, but quit’cher bitchin. This blog’s driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts your cakehole. Or opens it wide to gape at these tributes to Dean Winchster’s Baby. I won’t judge.

Delicious 1967 Impalas

via Sisters Dolces Creacions

Via Twitter – 200th Episode Impala Anniversary Cake

via Upstate Broad Tales

via The Blue Cake Company

via Melody LaFave

Via Blue Note Bakery

via Pintrest

via My Spiffy Cake

via DeviantArtist da-parrot-masta

Via Birth Movies Death

via My Sweet Fancy Cakes

via Brenda Olavarria

via Cakes Decor

Kansan Plates Good Enough To Eat


via Kaiti Ray

via Paula Worley

via Carrie Guy

Via Ashli Donaldson

via Cassie Schroeder

Via Pictures Of My Fantasy

Via Clarkey’s Cakery

Via DeviantArtist Peruki

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