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Geek Cake Friday: 16 Gorgeous Supernatural Cakes

The Winchester Brothers are back! Celebrate 11 seasons of Supernatural with a collection of cakes almost as delicious as Sam and Dean themselves.

Via Top Creative Products

This cake will grip your tastebuds tight and raise them from the perdition of salads.

via Cake Central

I really like the combination of fondant sculptures and hand painted trees on each level.

Via Antox Frusciante

Now with bonus bacon and brown sugar mini cake!

Via Twitter

The sheer amount of Supernatural iconography on this cake is stunning!

via Zombie Giraffes

Nope. No chibi Destiel implied here. *innocent whistle*

via Yari Gonzales

I’d totally take the top sculpture home with me to keep forever.

via Zoe’s Cakes and Cupcakes

No one can possess this cake … except Cheyenne. After all, it’s her birthday.

via Leah Marie

The Samulet is there to keep hitting you in the face when you try to shove your mouth right into this delicious cake.

Via Hillary Eldridge

It looks like a garden gnome cut off an angel’s wings using a scimitar, but I’m cool with that as long as it helps Team Free Will with the family business.

I love the way the lit candles will create a ring of fire.

via German Supernatural Wiki

Even Germans want a kick ass Supernatural birthday cake.

Via DeviantArtist Tempest 19

Nice job using the actual presentation platter as part of the anti-possession charm!

Via Cake Central

I’m always impressed when someone can write clean, legible Enochian in icing.

via Tumblr

I’m not sure what I love more – the ring of salt around the cake or Sam, Dean, and Castiel as gingerbread men.

via Nerdache Cakes

The ever amazing Nerdache Cakes do a stunning job mashing up My Little Ponies with Supernatural.

via Tumblr

With 10 years of episodes under their belt, when you say hi to Sam and Dean you say goodbye to your free time. Luckily, somewhere on Tumblr, there’s a Supernatural gif for that.

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