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EXTERMINATE your Holiday Blues with this No Bake Dalek Bread

Kitchen Overlord - Nutella Dalek Bread

I hesitate to even call this a recipe. It’s really more of a delicious assembly project for people who are afraid of the fire demons that live in their kitchen’s hot box. I know you exist. You see, Kitchen Overlord’s very first Illustrated Recipe was a version of cinnamon toast tarted up to look like a Dalek. I got comments from people who said it was too hard.

Since I am a benevolent overlord, my holiday gift to you is this five minute, no-bake, Nutella-tastic version of Dalek Bread. It’s even faster and easier than the cinnamon toast version, though it will require a trip to both the dollar store and your grocer’s international aisle.

Nutella Dalek Bread

1 demi-baguette
2 tbsp Nutella
1 Celebration Stick or other chocolate coated candy stick
1 bag of either Spice Drops or Dots candy
1 box of light colored Pocky sticks
1 box of fluffy (almond or coconut) Pocky sticks

You can find Pocky sticks in your grocer’s international aisle, at any Anime convention, or on Amazon.com.

The Spice Drops/Dots and Celebration Stick candies are disappearing from most grocery stores in favor of assorted chocolate bars, but they’re still staples of the dollar store candy aisle. That gives them the added bonus of being extra cheap.

To assemble your own army of Skaro, start by cutting your demi-baugette in half. You now have two Daleks! If only human reproduction was that easy.

Use a bread knife to cut three narrow lines near the top of the bread. This differentiates the head from the body. I think of these as the Dalek’s breathing filter. Drown those suckers in Nutella.

Next, cut the bottoms off nine Spice Drops or Dots candies of your choice. Moisten the cut ends and gently press them beneath the Nutella lines. You want to make a 3X3 grid, unless you bought a bigger baguette, in which case just keep going until you run out of bread.

Press two of the taller, leftover cut dots onto the top of your Dalek’s head to make the antennae.

Break a celebration stick in half for the eye stalk. This gives you a nice, dark stalk with a contrasting color of eye inside. If your bread is extra crusty, use a sharp knife to make an eye socket.

For the arms, use one light colored Pocky stick (I used the “milk” flavor) and one of the fluffier ones, such as coconut or almond crusted, to symbolize the eggbeater arm.

Since you have all that Nutella anyway, go ahead and leave it out when serving these. You know you want to. In honor of Doctor Who, leave out a few bananas, too. They’re extra delicious dipped in Nutella.

This is a dirt cheap, darn easy way to give all your friends their very own Dalek when watching Matt Smith’s last Christmas Special.