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Catan Cookbook Recipe Roundup for NPR, HuffPo, and OutReach Librarian Visitors

Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook Cover

Welcome to the Kitchen Overlord lair, visitors from NPR’s The Salt, The Huffington Post and The Outreach Librarian! I can see you’re the kind of quality people who click links to check out original sources and who just might need an assortment of geektastic cookbooks in your life. We’ve been waiting for you.

Most of you were lured here with promises of a thing so awesome it surely couldn’t exist in reality: a Settlers of Catan Cookbook. The rumors are all true, and it is glorious. Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook is chock full of hextastic spreads ranging from the usual gamer fare of nachos or (blue hex shaped!) chips with home made dips all the way up to complete Indian, Southern, and Thanksgiving meals for people who want to make a whole day of gaming. Since these days, it seems you can’t get five gamers together without three of them having some kind of dietary issue, you’ll also find most of the meals are customizable for people who are gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, or in some cases, all at the same time. There really are ways to invite all your friends over to share the same table before you crush them in a game of Catan. Good food makes it easier when you block the route to their ports.

It took me about a year to write the book. Along the way, I’ve posted plenty of recipes and preview posts, which I’ve rounded up here for your convenience.

Recipes from Wood for Sheep:

Wood for Sheep: The Settlers of Catan Cookbook - Thanksgiving BoardSettlers of the Noms SaladKitchen Overlord - Settlers of the  Pot PieSettlers Blueberry Ocean Rolls

Catan-Tastic Complete Friendsgiving Recipe Plan
Settlement Mozarella Salad
City Pot Pies
Blueberry Sweet Roll Oceans

Photos From Wood for Sheep:

Settlers of the NachosKitchen Overlord Settlers of Catan  Fish Dinner Map Kitchen Overlord Settlers of Catan Meatloaf Dinner BoardKitchen Overlord - Settlers of Catan breakfast of champions

Welcome to South Catan, Y’All
Settlers of Catan Breakfast O-Rama
Personalized Nacho Board
Mediterranean Map
All American Meatloaf Board

Where do I find those awesome hex dishes?

I totally lucked into finding those on Amazon.com. It turns out they’re cheap scientific weigh boats. You can get 100 of the medium sized boats (the main ones used in the cookbook) for under $15 including shipping and 100 of the small ones (used for the biscuit board, chips and dips board, and personalized paella) for under $10 for 100.

That’s not enough Catan Goodness for me. Give me more!

catansgiving signCatansgiving Meal 02

Okay! How about some free printables for your very own Catansgiving celebration?

Free Catansgiving Printables Collection
Catansgiving Party Photos

Share your Catan-Tastic Photos

Based on the nifty jump in my Amazon.com sales ranking, it seems a bunch of you have indeed been waiting on a Settlers of Catan cookbook. Thanks! You’re awesome! After you order your own disposable hex dishes and invite your friends over one heck of an impressive night of gaming, share the photos with the rest of Kitchen Overlord’s minions. We’d love to see your real life spreads.

Anything else we should know?

Since you’re here, you have obviously chosen the geek path. You chose wisely. If you like the Settlers of Catan cookbook, come back this spring for Kitchen Overlord’s brand new Shire-tastic tome – An Unexpected Cookbook: The Unauthorized Book of Hobbit Cookery. You can preview 10 recipes from our Hobbit Week collection.

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