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True Blood Last Sips: Talbot

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We pay our last respects to True Blood’s final season with a week of drinks almost as delicious as Sookie’s Fairy Blood.

Get ready for a tasty trip back in time as we explore drinks your favorite vampires would’ve quaffed before they were turned.

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Talbot (Turned 1310)


Talbot grew up a spoiled Greek Byzantine prince. Russell Edgington was already over 2000 years old when he met the handsome man, but something about his charm was utterly irresistible to the old vampire warrior. He turned Talbot, who loyally stayed by his side for the next 700 years. Their love was so strong that when Talbot met the true death, Russell Edgington lost his last tether to sanity.


European crusaders nicknamed Constantinople, Winbourg, or “The City of Wine.” As a Greek Byzantine prince, Talbot would’ve grown up drinking the finest, most expensive muscat. Muscat is a sweet white wine which was considerably more labor intensive to make than the commoner’s every red wines. (To make white wine, you have to remove the grape skins before they’re crushed. Imagine doing that by hand.) Therefore, commoners might only taste it at their own weddings, but a wealthy prince like Talbot would’ve taken it for granted as an everyday sipping drink.

Byzantium’s location at the crossroads between Europe, the Middle East and Asia would’ve given Talbot’s family access to an incredible diversity of expensive spices. As a spoiled young prince, he would’ve taken this luxury for granted.


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Talbot’s Morning Muscat

If you’re in the mood for a sweet taste of a lost, decadent world, enjoy a glass of this Byzantine breakfast drink. If you need an excuse to drink first thing in the morning, tell yourself it’s an ancient version of a mimosa.

– 1 cup Muscat wine
– ¼ cup very warm Water
– 1 tablespoon Orange Flower Water
– 1 teaspoon Honey
– small pinch Saffron

Instruct your minions to soak the saffron in the very warm (but not scalding) water for 15 minutes while you’re having your kohl eyeliner applied. Once the saffron is suitably leached of color and flavor, they can remove the strands and add the honey to the water. If you’re feeling generous, let them take the diluted strands home to season their own food. If not, have the spent saffron mixed in with your cat’s breakfast.

Once the saffron and honey are well blended, they should add the orange flower water. The mix alone should smell good enough to lick off a man’s neck. Add the aromatic mix to a cup of sweet white muscat wine.

Serve the wine with a refreshing morning selection of cheeses, olives, pitted dates, and shirtless athletes.

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