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Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated – Kickstarter Begins April 27, 2015!

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Get ready to make your friends tastebuds go wibbly wobbly with Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated.

The revised & expanded 2nd edition includes:

If the Kickstarter meets its stretch goals, there will also be special recipes celebrating the 8th Doctor, the War Doctor, and even an all new chapter for Dalek-tastic souffles!

If that’s not enough excitement for you, backer rewards will include all new, never before seen Illustrated Geek Recipes for Eccleston, Tennant, and Capaldi. Since we’ve already shown Matt Smith some love, this will be your chance to decorate your kitchen with posters paying homage to all the New Who Doctors!

Get ready to fill your bookshelf with over 200 beautifully photographed pages of tasty Whovian goodness starting April 27!


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