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Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated Kickstarter is now live!

Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated Kickstarter Logo

Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated just vworp vworped onto planet Kickstarter!

The new cookbook takes the best content from the first edition, doubles the recipes with brand new content, and packages it all in a handsome, professionally printed book any geek would be proud to display on their coffee table (when not smudging it up in the kitchen).

The revised & expanded 2nd edition includes:

If I meet the stretch goals, you’ll also get special recipes for:

On top of all that, backer rewards include all new, never before seen Illustrated Geek Recipe Posters for Eccleston, Tennant, and Capaldi. Kitchen Overlord already showed Matt Smith some love in the Illustrated Geek Cookbook. Now, you can decorate your kitchen with posters paying homage to all the new series Doctors!


I know there are a ton of amazing geeky kitchen products out there vying for your hard earned dollars. To thank you for your support, I’m posting daily two minute geeky kitchen gadget reviews from now through June 1st.

You can find them on YouTube or here at Kitchen Overlord (where I have additional photos, commentary, and occasional snark about the things that are badly made fanspolitation. Don’t worry – there are also plenty I love!)

The first 10 days are all for Whovians. After that, there’s a Star Wars theme week starting May the 4th followed by theme weeks for Star Trek, Gamers, and other assorted geekery. Hopefully, reviews of 40 different geeky kitchen gadgets will help you sort the great stuff from the garbage without wasting hundreds of dollars in the process.

When I submitted the first edition to publishers, they told me there was absolutely no market for a Doctor Who cookbook. If I printed it myself, they said I’d be lucky to sell 300 copies.  Instead, Dining With the Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook shocked everyone (me, most of all!) when it went on to sell over 20,000 copies in less than two years.

I never expected that. Since I barely thought I’d sell a room party’s worth of books, I published the first edition using CreateSpace, Amazon’s print on demand service. CreateSpace is great for black and white trade paperbacks, but the interior paper quality just isn’t up to cookbook standards and the cost per unit is so high I had to cram 50,000 words and 80 photos into 100 pages just to keep it under $20.

Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated is the book I wanted to publish all along – with high quality photography, adorable art, and professional printing. Despite what publishers think, you’ve proven there IS an audience hungry for a Doctor Who cookbook, and thanks to the rise of crowdfunding, I can finally give you the beautiful, professional book you’ve deserved all along.

Click here to see the Kickstarter, and please share it with your Whovian friends!


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