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Ood Bao to Weeping Angel Food Cake: Sneak Peek at Doctor Who Cookbook Photos

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Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated is now 44% of the way to our goal with 115 backers!

As loyal Kitchen Overlord minions, I know you’re hungry for a sneak peek at some of the original recipes inside.

I already posted a recipe for Deviled Ood with Horseradish and Bacon from Season 2, Episode 9, but that’s not the only Ood-tastic goodness coming your way.


Check out this BBQ pork Ood bao topped with a warm purple cabbage and red onion slaw sauteed in bacon grease.

Or this apricot filled ginger windowpane variation on Jammy Dodgers. Use them to make your own edible 10-11th Doctor TARDIS interiors.

Don’t blink or your friends will eat your entire Weeping Angel Food Cake.

These are just a few of the brand new recipes you’ll see in Dining With The Doctor: Regenerated.

So many people on Facebook and in Doctor Who forums have said, “I’m so glad you’re doing this! I’ll buy it when it comes out.” While that’s fantastic news in the long run, the money I raise now will determine exactly how many recipes I can include in the book. More dollars = more pages.

I really want to include recipes for the 8th Doctor, War Doctor, Inspector Spacetime, and more, so please share the Kickstarter with your Whovian friends and encourage them to back it now! The more money we raise, the more book you get!

To thank existing backers for their support, I’ve posted reviews of a dozen Whovian kitchen gadgets to help you sort the great ones from the garbage.

The videos are only two minutes long. If you’re on the fence about anything you see below, click the link and get a rundown of the price, quality, and whether I think it’s worth it when there’s so much to choose from these days.

Share the Doctor Who Cookbook Kickstarter with your friends and keep coming back to Kitchen Overlord for more sneak preview recipes and photos!

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