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Dining With The Doctor Cookbook Art Preview and Early Ebook Release


We’re at the halfway mark with two weeks left!

As an extra incentive to share Kitchen Overlord’s Doctor Who Cookbook Kickstarter with your friends, everyone who backs us at the $35 level and up will get their ebooks at least two months before the print books roll out.

You see, printing books is really time consuming. Once the printers have the files, it takes anywhere from 8-14 weeks for the books to be physically printed, shipped to Amazon’s warehouse, and made available for sale. Folks who backed our Illustrated Geek Cookbook received the ebooks in December while the print books didn’t start shipping to backers until March.

Rather than make you wait for the book’s official release, Kickstarter backers will get the DRM-free PDF of Dining With The Doctor: Regenerated as soon as it’s ready for the printers. Kickstarter funding goes directly to the cost of printing the books so backers deserve to see it before anyone else.

Meanwhile, take a sneak peek at some of Tom Gordon’s adorable art that will be accompanying the photos and recipes:

Rumor has it this Bad Wolf carrying a Rose might actually be a member of the royal family.

Contemporary Time Lord dating advice revolves around Texting and Scones.

The Weeping Angels want to play a game of peek-a-boo with you.

In honor of the Christmas specials, we present this heartwarming holiday scene of fang toothed snowmen fighting deadly Christmas Trees.

Help us reach our funding goal by sharing the Doctor Who Cookbook Kickstarter with your Whovian friends!

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