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9 Comics Inspired Recipes for People Who Can’t Make it to SDCC

If you’re like me, all your social media feeds are flooded with posts from the lucky few who have the money and vacation time to spend this week in San Diego. For us nerds on a budget, here are nine cheap ways to celebrate your favorite fandoms at home.


Start your day of enviously staring at your friends ComicCon Exclusive Finds by breakfasting on Captain America’s patriotic take on Huevos Rancheros.


If you prefer a more midwestern take on breakfast, you can blast away your hunger with some eggs, bacon, and a couple slices of Scott Summer’s Cyclops inspired toast.


By mid-morning, the flood of SDCC posts is overwhelming. You’re stronger than this. You can look away from the constant feed of celebrity sightings and exclusive items. Fill yourself with the power and confidence of a goddess by snacking on these Punk Storm Cake Pops.


Screw it. Give into envy. While contemplating exactly what you’re going to steal from your friends, stab your lunchtime hunger in the face with Deadpool’s Chimichangas.


It’s (probably) illegal to lick Ryan Reynolds, and you wouldn’t have made into his Deadpool panel if you were at San Diego Comic Con anyway, so follow up that Chimichanga by stuffing your face with these Deadpool cookies as a consolation prize.


Oh, great. Everybody’s dinner posts are flooding in now. Stop saying, “If you can read this, join me at a bar you’ve never heard of so we can wait in line three hours for an overpriced sandwich!” You can make your own sandwich. Hell, in the amount of time they’ll be waiting for a table, you can make your own bread!

Depending on Clark Kent’s ego this week, either fix a wholesome, old fashioned sandwich on these Superman White Bread Slices or pay homage to your capricious alien warlord/god by emblazoning his logo on everything possible.


If white bread sandwiches aren’t your style, maybe mix up a couple cocktails while twirling together this Iron Man inspired pasta for dinner.


After a couple drinks, you’re suddenly much more open to fanfic. Flagrantly mix your Marvel and DC fandoms by serving Wonder Woman inspired Potatoes Diana alongside Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor Pasta. You can totally justify it by pointing out both dishes are vegetarian. And because you know he’d love her to lasso him.


Clobber the last of your hunger with some rocky orange Thing inspired monkeybread. Try not to think about why a man with no visible bulge runs around wearing nothing but spandex underwear. Cosmic rays are weird, man.



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