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Celebrate National Mac and Cheese Day with some Lazy Gamer’s Spicy Mac and Cheese

Lazy Gamer's Mac and Cheese

On this great day, July 14th, this great nation is united to celebrate the culinary genius-ness of Thomas Jefferson, The staple of every American home, the nutritional gourmet dish of every gamer… National Mac & Cheese day!

But this particular day comes to us bitter sweet as we morn the loss of our digital gaming pope, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, has left this physical world for the eternal 8-bit sky to join Rosalina in the Comet Observatory. So I present you with my personal household favorite dish of Lazy Gamer Mac & Cheese garnished with a Mario World question block of cheese. Okay okay I didn’t come up with it myself, Professor E. Gadd may have helped a bit.

Using a question block template, drawn upon the sacred scroll of a Netflix return envelope, I cut cheddar cheese slices to have a question mark pattern.

Lazy Gamer's Mac and Cheese

I then used the inset of the cheese slice to garnish my Koopa Troopa Shell Mac and Cheese and the outer edge to complement my tenderized Hammer Bro meat sandwich. Together these two create a Super Star showdown on your tastebuds!

Lazy Gamer's Mac and Cheese

Lazy Gamer Spicy Mac & Cheese

By Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm

1 box Turtle Shell Noodles
Half a Pot of Boiling Water
1-2 slices Cheese
1 can Juanita’s Nacho Cheese Sauce

Lazy Gamer's Mac and Cheese

Bring water to a boil. This really is your hardest step. If you can do this, you can fake your way through Mac and Cheese infinity more sophisticated than orange powder from a blue box.

Add noodles and cook till al-dente (8-12 minutes).

Drain noodles and return to pan.

Use your Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device to add nacho cheese sauce.

Stir well. See? Boiling water really was the hardest step!

Now that you’re done, garnish the bowl with questionable cheese blocks and serve.

Make sure to grab a napkin, because cheese sauce on the controller is hard to clean later!


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