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12 Nerdiest Pies For Your Pi Day Celebration!

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It’s time for everybody to get irrationally excited about Pi(e) for a day! In celebration, I present you with Kitchen Overlord’s 10 nerdiest ways to impress your friends and embarrass your coworkers with your temporary love of math. (You’ll have to find a new way to embarrass them tomorrow. Don’t worry. I have faith in you.)


Mama Cobb's Pie Header

1) Mama Cobb’s Fig and Onion Pie

Zelda Avocado Lime Pie 01

2) Legend of Zelda Triforce Pie

Kitchen Overlord Hobbit Week - Small Adventure Mincemeat Pies

3) Small Adventure Sized Shire Mincemeat Pies

Danny Pink's Pi Pie

4) Danny Pink’s Pi Day Pie

Fish Custard Pie 02

5) Fish Fingers and Custard Pie

Doctor Who Easy TARDIS Pie Slice

6) 10 Minute TARDIS Pie

Doctor Who Live Chess Pie with Pieces 02

7) The Doctor’s Live Chess Pie

Bobby Singers Hot Toddy Pie 02

8) Bobby Singer’s Hot Toddy Pie

Supernatural Men of Letters Cherry Pie 01

9) Men of Letters Spiced Cherry Pie

Winchester Brother’s Pie Shop: Bloody Plum Custard - Whole Pie

10) Winchester Brother’s Bloody Plum Custard Pie

Winchester Brothers Pie Shop - Castiel's Torture Porn Pear Tart

11) Castiel’s Torture Porn Pear Tart

Men of Leftovers Pie from Winchestser Brothers Pie Shop - Supernatural Inspired Recipe

12) Men of Leftovers Savory Chicken Pie

castiel i need pie