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Chris-Rachael Oseland is a freelance writer based in Austin, Texas. Every night, she descends into her lair at the base of an extinct volcano, dons her apron and monocle, and subjects her minions to countless culinary experiments. She’s the author of one fifth all geek cookbooks currently in print, including:

She speaks at food conferences and events as well as SF/F and Comic Cons. Use the form below to learn how to get her on your guest list!


Tom Gordon is a freelance illustrator and commercial artist based in Long Island, New York. His past projects have included the children’s book The Tails of Baghdad, the science fiction webcomic “One Small Step,” and production work on such films as Gentlemen Broncos and Atlas Shrugged Part I. Besides indulging the usual geek diet of SF conventions, writing cringe-inducing genre fiction and Lego RPGs, in his spare time he also hams it up as Wacky Uncle to assorted nieces and nephews and otherwise functions as a food dispensing unit/slave to numerous insatiable small animals. You can find more of his work at http://www.mindspring.com/~tgordo


Is there a geeky recipe you’re dying to see me make? Do you want to know how to order my books for your retail store? Do you covet the kind of interpersonal communication only achievable through anonymous online forms? Reach out through the miracle of modern technology and I’ll probably provide you with a mutually satisfying answer.


Are your shelves incomplete without copies of these fine, geeky cookbooks? Get in touch with me and we can correct this tragedy.


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