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Sending me Vulcan Ale is only logical

Vulcan Ale

Yes, I am easily swayed by the allure of labels. I also bought the Game of Thrones beer (which was surprisingly good) and the Princess Bride wine (which was not as I wished). The second I saw Vulcan Ale, I coveted it.

This happens so rarely, but for a change, Canada gets something first. Actually, you also get Kinder Eggs, Robert J. Sawyer, and Continuum. It’s enough to make an overlord contemplate a northern base.

Let it be known, Canadian readers, that I can be easily bribed with a six pack. You may receive a surprise package of random baked goods or a selection of American snacks you can’t get up north or a signed copy of one of the overlord’s books. Contact me, Canadians, if you want to continue this discussion of mutual bribery.