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Geek Cake Friday: 13 Lucky Deadpool Cakes

Deadpool 11

What’s black and red and sugary all over? Keep scrolling and you’ll find out. We’re wrapping up our week long Deadpool extravaganza with a baker’s dozen of Deadpool cakes, ranging from well done to well intentioned to WTF?   I can’t decide whether I’m in love with this cake artist for using actual comic panels or I want to give

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7 Tasty Ways To Level Up Your Next Catan Night

Kitchen Overlord's Easy Settlers of Catan Cake with Meeples Geeky Sprinkles

These days, you can nerd up your dining room with everything from a Sonic Screwdriver cutlery set to Death Star chip and dip bowls. The next time you invite folks over for to spend a few quality hours ending lifelong friendships by playing Settlers of Catan, decorate your table with something more than a chunk of firewood and a leg of lamb.

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11 Nerdy Recipes You Can Make From Pantry Staples

Bad Wolf Cheeze-Its

Much like a plucky band of apocalypse survivors, you and your housemates are snowed in with a limited amount of food. You’ll either have to get creative with whatever you have on hand or actually talk to your neighbors to ask for/loot additional supplies. Before things get THAT dire, I’ve rounded up 10 nerdy recipes you can make from 10

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21 Nerdiest Coloring Books for Grownups (Updated!)

ACB Doctor Who large

You’d think finding 10 nerdy adult coloring books would be the hardest part of putting together a list like this, but in fact, the most difficult thing was phrasing the title in a way that doesn’t look NSFW. Adult Coloring Books (the mandala kind, not the dirty doodles kind) exploded after the publication of Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden: An Inky

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Geek Cake Friday: 21 Supernatural ’67 Impala Baby Cakes

spn baby 21

On The Road So Far, Geek Cake Friday has brought you sugary tributes to everything from The Walking Dead Zombies to Doctor Who Aliens to Hobbit Holes. Sure, I’ve tackled Supernatural cakes before, but quit’cher bitchin. This blog’s driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts your cakehole. Or opens it wide to gape at these tributes to Dean Winchster’s Baby. I

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Colorable Compendium of Geek History now for sale!

Kitchen Overlord's Coloring Book Cover

Good news, adult coloring fans! The coloring book edition of Kitchen Overlord’s Illustrated Geek Cookbook you’ve asked for is now for sale! The 110 page Colorable Compendium of Geek History  takes you on a tour of 120 years of fandom from H.G. Wells The Time Machine up through the present including iconic books, movies, TV, comics, and games from every

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7 Free Doctor Who Fan Art Coloring Books (Plus Bonus Coloring Pages)

DW Free Pages three doctors and their companions

The Official Doctor Who Coloring Book doesn’t come out until February 2016 (though you can pre-order it on Amazon now.) That’s no reason to limit yourself to mandalas in the meantime. Grab your crayons, because right here and now, you can download and print seven coloring books made by Doctor Who fans as well as a dozen of my favorite

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