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Top 5 Zombie Food Trucks

If flesh is falling off your bones and you need your daily recommended dose of of delicious brains, these five food trucks (and two honorable mentions) exist to satisfy your undead cravings

Zombie Food Truck Zombies

Zombies Food Truck is simple, direct, and incredibly deceptive. Their slogan is “Bringing your tastebuds back from the dead.” While you may be expecting craveable brains, they’re actually a vegan truck serving a unique faux cheesy sloppy joe, soy chorizo tacos, and their signature dish, Night of the Living Tofu. No word on whether their secret sauce is actually a clever vector for ironically ensuring vegans are the first people infected with the zombie virus.

Zombie Food Truck Zombie Dogs

Zombie Dogz serves gourmet hot dogs including the Hunk a Hunk a Rotting Flesh, Juan of the Dead, and Gem City Slasher. If you don’t trust them to assemble an all beef gourmet hot dog for you, order The Undead with whatever toppings you want. Although they swear “Frank” is slang for hot dogs and not the name of the guy they ground up last Tuesday, they also refuse to accept responsibility for any future cravings you feel towards live human flesh or delicious brains.

Zombie Food Truck Pho Junkies

Pho Junkies exists to fulfill the culinary needs of zombie apocalypse survivors. Since they may need to motor whenever the undead come running, their menu is simple and portable. You can have a steaming bowl of Pho with chicken, beef, or “all the meats.” Don’t ask about that last one unless you’re cool eating tendon, tripe, and “meatballs.” The fewer questions you ask the better. Just eat it and run.

Zombie Food Truck Gory Gourmet

Gory Gourmet offers newly turned foodies a brain burger made from actual brains, crispy fried brain dippers, a brain salad wrap, and side dishes of skewered hearts with horseradish and a mix of feet and thyroid nuggets with herb mayo. Those aren’t Halloween euphemisms for tarted up fondant-tastic desserts. Everything on theĀ  menu is made from actual animal brains with sides of other organs. Adventurous eaters can taste real brains and random fleshy bits with nice condiments before the unquenchable thirst for human flesh sets in.

Zombie Food Truck Brave Brains

Another braintastic option for those of you preparing for the zombie apocalypse is Dos Equis, which offers both cow tongue and veal brain tacos at their Feast of the Brave food truck. You might as well get used to the taste before you’re turned.


Zombie Food Truck honorable mention Game of Thrones

Admit it. You know the White Walkers are just fantasy zombies. The people behind the Game of Thrones food truck know it too. Why else would they offer dishes like suckling head cheese with farro and dried fruits.

Zombie Food Truck honorable mention insects

The post apocalyptic honorable mentions aren’t limited to future zombies. Future survivors can dine at Don Bugito, where they can learn to develop a taste for the maggots, grubs, crickets, and other easy sources of protein you’ll resort to once the canned goods run out.