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The 12th Doctor is Peter Capaldi


Say hello to Peter Capaldi. I was expecting an older doctor this time around, but I wasn’t expecting one we’d already seen on both Doctor Who and Torchwood. I enjoy a good game of spot-the-Whovian-actor whenever I’m watching Merlin/Game of Thrones/Downton Abbey/anything else on BBCA, but this feels a touch excessive. The United Kingdom has over 62 million citizens. Despite evidence to the contrary, I suspect more than 57 individuals are actors. .

That said, I think he’ll do a good job. Is it just me, or does he look a smidge evil in the official photo above? (Part of me wants to see him play the part with his Colonel Sanders ‘stache.) I wonder if that hint of wickedness might have something to do with John Hurt’s Doctor 8.5 in the 50th anniversary.

10th Doctor meets the 12th

The completionist in me really wants to revise Dining with The Doctor so it includes every episode with Eccleston, Tennant, and Smith. Sure, when I started writing it two years ago I had no way of knowing we’d have a new Doctor a month after the 50th anniversary, but now ending the book at season six feels awkward.

However much that bugs me, adding an extra chapter to a book that’s been out for about a year is totally unfair to people who already own it. Maybe I’ll release a revised, expanded version in 2015 for the 10th anniversary of the NewWho Reboot, or maybe just a sequel with bigger, better photographs and less tiny text. After all, the special effects in Doctor Who itself improved a lot the second time around.

Right now, though, I’m going to rewatch some classic Donna Noble episodes. What do you think of Moffat’s choice?