30 Vintage Dune Coloring Pages for Nihilistic Children

Dune coloring pages - duke leto and piter die

Oh, sweet 1980’s movie tie-ins. How I miss you. Putnam Publishing Group had just enough money to buy the licensing rights for a Dune coloring book and a big stack of cocaine, but not enough left over for an editor. The result is a bleak, nihilistic wonderland.

The Dune Coloring Book and Dune Activity Book were available for about two weeks during 1984 before a sober adult opened one up to a random page and realized their kid was going either going to to need a lot more black and red crayons or a lot more therapy.

In honor of the the internet justifying my life long love of Dune by sharing the hell out of my Spice Stuffed Sandworm Bread (which shockingly got over 100,000 views in 24 hours! I love you, nerds!) I’ve assembled as many of the Coloring and Activity book pages as possible, which I encourage you to reassemble into a surrealist make-your-own adventure story.


Hey, this coloring page doesn’t look like it came from the 80’s! In fact, it looks awfully familiar…


Kitchen Overlord Coloring Book - Dune Page

Somehow, without the aid of David Lynch, Sting, or a big pile of cocaine, I still managed to convince Tom Gordon to turn Kitchen Overlord’s Illustrated Geek Cookbook into a coloring book.

You don’t get any recipes, but you do get a colorable compendium of geek history stretching from 1887 to the present. Mostly, though, you get Tom’s wonderful art.

You can now get all 110 pages of KITCHEN OVERLORD’S COLORABLE COMPENDIUM OF GEEK HISTORY on Amazon for $13.99.

Kitchen Overlord's Coloring Book Cover

Meanwhile, enjoy this flashback to the coloring book of a simpler time, when dead parents and eye piercing robots were wholesome family fare.


Dune coloring and activity book

Yes, you’re going to need a biohazard suit before you open this book.

01959cdf503bb46fb645b1c37289e107 - Copy

Are there any cute robots in the movie?

There are “human computers” with gigantic eyebrows.

Nah, what about this thing? It’s small and sneaky and it flies.

It nearly puts the main character’s eye out.

Great. Have another line of coke and draw it. Next page!

17lb0jtv1tfd7jpg - Copy

Is this a future sex thing?

No, no, she’s just testing to see if he’s human.

How is that not a sex thing?


You’re joking, right? This is supposed to be a children’s coloring book!

If it’s any consolation, this time it really is a sex thing.


This is your revenge for the vagina dentata jokes I make when I’m drunk.


The Reverend Mothers are known throughout the ‘verse as the most beautiful seductresses alive.

atrides family portrait

Hi! I’m Paul. This is my dad, Duke of Caladan, and my mom, who is visiting from the set of Blade Runner.

dune-feyd-sting - Copy

My cousin is really into tantric yoga, body oil, and finding new ways to stab me.

Paul vs Feyd Dune Coloring Page

Feyd and I fight a lot.


Our uncle likes to watch.



duke signet ring

Some day, son, all of this will be yours. Well, not all of it. Not much of it, really. Just this ring, in fact.

dr kynes

I’ve heard the spice makes you feel young, but damn. No one warned me I’d regrow my wisdom teeth!

the baron

Don’t worry! I know a great dentist!

yueh looks like a great dentis

I can take care of that in a jiffy, Duke. Now, as I put you under, I want you to remember one thing…

Dune coloring pages - duke leto and piter die

Get up, guys. I know you hate the dentist, but c’mon, this is a little extreme.

paul vs feyd 2

Meanwhile, out in the waiting room, Paul proves Feyd can’t tickle him if he keeps his arms crossed.


captain picards first job

Before he was Captain of the Enterprise, Picard had a pony tail and played in a band.


Whoa! Tone down those eyebrows! We wouldn’t want to scare the kids!


Baron Harkonen’s Belly Search is one of the lesser known scenes Lynch had to leave on the cutting room floor.

weigh the baron

The real reason 80’s kids hated the metric system.

pauls clothing



That toothless sandworm could still murder you with his uvula.


His name is a killing word.



His knees?


guild navigators

Guild Navigators Before Meth.


Guild Navigators After Meth

Need a mental palate cleanser? Bleach your brain with some Dune recipes.

Kitchen Overlord’s Illustrated Geek Cookbook includes fast & easy spice stuffed sandworms plus nerdy recipes from 50 other fandoms.

Kitchen Overlord's Illustrated Geek Cookbook

Or check out the links below for even more Dune themed recipes!

Kitchen Overlord Dune Header

Spice Stuffed Squash Sandworms
Spice Filled Sandworm Bread
Sandworms Swimming in a Spice Patch
Sandworm Wellington
Sandworm Spice Cookies
Tabara Cake and Spice Tea
Sandworm Crudites
Sandworm Cake Roundup
Vintage Dune Coloring Pages for Nihilistic Children


  • A ton of these books were at Pick n Save after the movie came out, I think they were selling them for about 10 cents each. Too bad I was 8 at the time. i remember these books because they were nothing like any coloring book I had ever seen and stuck in the back of my head until I finally saw the movie in 1993, of course that just caused more confusion until i finally read the books soon after.


  • I was just slightly bummed out that there was no page with Lady Jessica using the Voice to say “There’s no need to fight over me” [guards immediately fight over her, with fatal results]

    That was just EPIC.


    • Chris-Rachael Oseland

      If there’s a 1984 coloring book page with that scene hidden somewhere on the internet, I COVET IT DESPERATELY! Please share, because that would be amazing!


  • This page is by far the best thing to have ever come out of “that” Dune movie.


  • Can I get some high-res scans of this? I’d love to clean them up and pint then as a gift to a friend. Her parents named her after Alia of the Knife; they hadn’t read the subsequent books at the time.


  • “I’m going to spit once on your head. Just a little spittle in your face.” -Baron Harkonnen


  • “Put the pick in there, Pete, and turn it round, real neat.”


  • Feyd. Lovely… Feyd. Or maybe Sting.


  • Wow. If those weren’t penciled by Curt Swan, then they were penciled by someone who studied Swan’s style extensively. Curt Swan is best known as the penciller for Superman in the 60s-90s (often along with inker Murphy Anderson). I can’t tell who inked these though, it’s not Muphy Anderson for sure.


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