Dune Week: Sandworm Crudite

Kitchen Overlord's Sandworm crudite

Whether you’re entertaining visiting guests from Caladan or have recently had emergency dental surgery, this soft crudite platter should delight any new visitors to Arrakis.

Dune doctor yueh

Don’t look so shocked, Doctor Yueh. It’s just a:

Sandworm Crudite

1 package spicy hummus
1 cucumber
Red Bell Pepper slivers

how to build a sandworm crudite platter

Pile your sandy colored spicy hummus onto a plate. Spread it around to create a desert and a little sand dune.

how to build a sandworm crudite platter

Cut the head off your cucumber. To make it look like the mouth of an angry Great Maker, slice it in half, top to bottom. Now, from the top down, cut a diagonal slice off each side. Press them together and you now have a gaping mouth full of crysknife teeth.

how to build a sandworm crudite platter

Take the middle of your cucumber and cut it in half, lengthwise. Put it cut side down and slice along the length. This will be your sandworm’s ridges. Tilt them sideways and gently press them in the sand so it looks like the top of your sanndworm’s back cresting through the dunes as it searches for precious moisture. Go ahead and slice a thin piece of tail from whatever is left of your cucumber and place it a little further back.

Kitchen Overlord's Sandworm crudite

Add a few sprinkles of diced red bell pepper near the sandworm’s mouth to suggest an unfortunate Fremen who forgot to plant his thumper. Use a few more slices of bell pepper to create a door into the sietch. Should’ve run faster, my friend. You were so close.

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