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Guest Post: Team Fortress 2 Sandvich from Culinary Adventures and More

Look, the armed guards stationed outside the level 5 Biohazard Zone are just for show. This is an entirely voluntary quarantine, all in the name of SCIENCE. I’d never dream of spreading this insanely virulent strain of Whooping Cough to anyone. Except that Alien bastard who mopes in his giant ice fortress. Or that smug time traveler who replaced my biogel adhesive with snail slime. Or my UPS driver. In his case, the quarantine needs of the many outweigh the health needs of the few. Or the one. What I’m really saying is bring me more Gatorade and soy protein shakes and I’ll try not to breathe in your general direction, you poor, doomed fool.

While I’m locked away for your safety, we have another week of guest posts here at Kitchen Overlord. Today, I introduce you to Culinary Adventures and More. You’re welcome.

Guest Post by Christina Chang (aka Chrissy)

Christina Chang (aka Chrissy) is the author of the blog, Culinary Adventures and More, where she documents her adventures in food and travel. In the kitchen, she can be found re-creating tasty treats from anime, books, movies, and video games. (Nothing brings her more satisfaction than taking a bite out of fictional food!) Outside the kitchen, she’s exploring the world despite being a busy graduate student studying Nutritional Science.

Team Fortress 2 – Sandvich

Hey everyone! It’s Chrissy from Culinary Adventures and More, where I blog about fictional foods (along with other cooking and travel adventures). While our Kitchen Overlord is recovering from her nasty bout of Whooping Cough, I wanted to share a post of one of my video game food re-creations.

Valve - TF2 Sandvich

Now my friends love Team Fortress 2. Like play-on-a-nightly-basis love. Like play-so-often-people-recognize-your-screenname love. Like… well, you get the picture. When I found out about the Sandvich in the game (which heals Heavys), I knew I had to make it. It’s simple. It’s straightforward. And Valve was nice enough to break down all the components.

 Culinary Adventures - TF2 Sandvich

Team Fortress 2 – Sandvich

Author: Chrissy from Culinary Adventures and More

Yield: 1 half sandwich


1 slice white bread


1 slice ham

1 slice Swiss cheese (cut into 3 pieces, if desired)

2 tomato slices

1 leaf of romaine lettuce

1 pimento-stuffed green olive



  1. Cut slice of white bread diagonally in half.

  2. Spread a bit of mayo on both halves.

  3. Fold ham in half (if necessary) and lay on the bottom half of sliced bread.

  4. Add Swiss cheese, tomato slices, and romaine lettuce and top with the other half of sliced bread.

  5. Pierce the olive with a toothpick and garnish Sandvich.

  6. Eat and regain full health! *om nom nom* Just kidding! :]

Note: Alternatively, you can make a full sandwich with the same ingredients (plus an additional slice of bread, of course) and just cut the sandwich diagonally.

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