Month: February 2014


FBI Files: Nerds and Nomsense

Greetings, Minions! For today’s FBI Files, I give you a peek at the dark underbelly of Nerds and Nomsense. Well, maybe not dark, per se. Tragically, also not fishbelly white enough to reflect moonlight, either. Really, these places just don’t know how to live up to properly villainous stereotypes. Look […]

Sci Fi Life Hacks 01 - Space Travel

Sci Fi Life Hacks Episode 1: Space Travel

Welcome to Kitchen Overlord’s shiny new webseries – Sci Fi Life Hacks! On this week’s episode, your Kitchen Overlord answers questions about life on board your favorite Sci Fi Space Ships to help with your long term success and survival. Whether you need to know about Battlestar Galactica’s policy on […]