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Minion Monday: Super Mario Wraps

Super Mario Wraps

This week we’re rescuing princesses, collecting coins, and spending quality time with everyone’s favorite Italian plumber. That’s right – we’ve got a whole week of Mario inspired gamer chow to keep your power levels maxed out on your next mission. Come back every day for a new recipe! To kick it all off, minion Sarah Wright made you a sammich.

Super Mario Wraps

by Sarah Wright

1 Green Tortilla Wrap
1/4 cup Lettuce
2 Slices of Turkey
1 tbsp of Apple
1 tbsp Papaya
1 tbsp Starfruit
1 tbsp sliced Celery
1 tbsp diced Radish and some whole ones
1 blob Cranberry sauce
1 blob Mayo
1 Skewer

All the measurements are estimates. Adjust the quantities to your personal taste.

1. Cut a few slices of starfruit, a couple cubes of papaya, a few slices of celery. Put these aside with a couple radishes for garnishing.
2. Spread the mayo and cranberry sauce on the wrap leaving an inch on one side un-spread.
3. Add the turkey and all the vegetables and fruits.
4. Fold the un-dressed side of the wrap under to make the top edge of the “pipe.”
5. Wrap the wrap up and put it on a hot frying pan for a couple seconds to seal it shut. (That’s how restaurants keep your wrap from popping open)
6. Now the tricky part. Trim the Papaya to look like fire flowers by rounding off the bottom and cutting some notches into the top. Make the 1st radish look like a piranha plant by cutting a triangle out of the top. Then peal the edges of the triangle cut out and peal a few circles for spots. For the 1up mushroom radish just follow this guide.
7. Skewer your piranha plant and stick it in the wrap.
8. Eat.

If you intend to serve this to children make sure they like star fruit first. It’s extremely aromatic and a bit of an acquired taste.