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Kickstarter Update: Whovian Love-A-Thon

Kitchen Overlord Illustrated Geek Cookbook Kickstarter Reward Jack Harness from Torchwood

Allons-Y, Whovians! I’m not saying I’ve kept Tom at the drawing board until his fingers bled (it’s probably just scurvy) but he has finished the Doctor Who inspired art for two of our stretch goals!

We’re only $1000 away from giving all our print book backers a copy of the Sulu print, the Kiera Cameron print, AND this brand new Captain Jack Harkness print! Between the bloody coat, the fishnet stockings, and the tentacle, it’s up to you to decide if this is a before or after shot of one of Captain Jack’s dates.

It may be optimistic, but just in case we experience one of Kickstarter’s infamous last minute pledge surges, you’ll get a ton of other art AND this caricature of Ten being menaced by four of our favorite villains. If he only had a blender he could settle all their differences over banana daiquiri’s.

Kitchen Overlord Kickstarter Reward DavidTennant

If that’s not enough Whovian goodness for you, our $45 reward level comes with a print copy of the Illustrated Geek Cookbook, the ebook, all the stretch goal prints, AND three Doctor Who themed kitchen cabinet posters including Dalek Bread, A Crack in the Wall of Spacetime, and The Doctor’s Yorkshire Pudding.

At 500 backers, certain powers that be start to take a product seriously. Pimp the Kickstarter to your friends using this easy link:


Together, we can make dull men in suits wonder if it’s too early to start drinking as they earnestly discuss illustrated instructions on how to turn bread, pocky sticks, and gumdrops into an edible Dalek.

Kitchen Overlord The Doctor's Yorkshire Pudding Header

If they can spare a buck, they’ll get a .pdf of the 270 card expansion pack CARBS AGAINST HUMANITY and you’ll get one dollar closer to an epic collection of tasty Whovian art. We only have 10 days left. As the 9th doctor would say, let’s make them FANTASTIC!