5 Nerdy Easter Egg Printables

If your breakfast is in peril, the EGGvengers will save your bacon! I know these printables are meant for Easter, but I’ll be dressing up my hotel breakfast this Comic Con. If you decide to sneak some decorations onto your hotel eggs at any future cons, take a picture and tag it #KitchenOverlord. You might be rewarded for your super

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5 Ways to Geek Up Your Passover!

Whether you’re looking for a whole new Haggadah or just an interesting take on the 10 Plagues, the internet is rife with ways for you to geek up your holiday. How is this day different from all other days? And stop saying, “Because I know I’m a Cylon, now,” Saul. That’s not the answer to every question. Read the whole

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Kitchen Overlord has a heart on for you this V-Day, so we made it from Red Velvet and stuffed it with Nutella

Greetings, Minions! Valentine’s Day is coming, so by law, I am required to give you something heart shaped or else the goons at Hallmark will use my dough hook to gouge out my kneecaps. Since the internet loves Nutella almost as much as it does bacon, I’ve conjured a recipe for Nutella (or cinnamon) stuffed heart shaped rolls. If you’re

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