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Steampunk Eggnog for Degenerate Time Travelers

Grab your nerf gun and goggles, kids, because we’ve got a vintage version of your favorite excuse for December Day Drinking – Eggnog! The Victorians may have enjoyed ether sniffing parties, making wreaths from dead people’s hair, and grinding up Egyptian mummies to use in makeup, but even they found […]


Dollar Store Drinks Episode 3: Pineapple Fizz

Impoverished alcoholics, frat boys, and human fois gras ranchers rejoice! We’re back with a new episode of Dollar Store Drinks! This week your Kitchen Overlord combines cheap rum with dollar store mango nectar (70% juice!), guava juice (50% juice!), and dollar store pineapple “soda” (0% soda!) to create a surprisingly […]