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Comics and Superheroes

CONTEST: Snag Superhero Swag

In honor of San Diego Comic Con, this week Kitchen Overlord is reposting our best Superhero themed recipes. We’re also hosting a week long contest wherein you can win a collection of superhero themed swag. These two things are related. True believers, your mission is to come up with the […]


Much Ado About Loot Crate Winners

Nearly 40 entries? You clever minions didn’t make this easy.  There were so many good recipe titles that I’m counting down to the winner in the form of a Top 10 list. #10: The Necronom-Nom-Nomicon #9: A Game of Scones #8: Expecto Potatoes #7: Bat-Naan Bread #6: Iocane Powdered Sugar […]


CONTEST: Much Ado About LootCrate Update

You have some fierce competition for these Joss Whedon shirts and LootCrate goodies! In addition to the public entries on the original contest post, I’ve received some excellent entries via email. So far, my favorites include: Pan-Galactic Garlic Baguettes The Mos Eisley Scum Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Grog Pika Chews […]


CONTEST: Much Ado About Loot Crate

Snarky recipes are nice, but man, making Superman Bread or edible Alien Xenomorph Eggs takes work. Sometimes, you just want to be rewarded for thinking pretty thoughts. No problem. I have some prizes here in need of a home. You have brains, delicious brains. Now put down the knife. I […]