Time Travel and Scottish Cocks

Scottish Highland Cock-A-Leekie Stew

I’ve got a huge, throbbing nerdy crush on two things right now – Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor and the shiny new Outlander TV series based on Diana Gabaldon’s books. In celebration of both involving time travel and Scotland, Kitchen Overlord is indulging in a week of Scottish recipes worthy of a place on your temporally misplaced table. Since

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Sci Fi Life Hacks Episode 4: Dinosaurs

On this week’s Sci Fi Life Hacks, Kitchen Overlord answers your questions about everything from Flintstones vacuum cleaner accidents to what to do with a leftover Silurian Space Ark as we tackle the past and future of Dinosaurs! Have a pressing question you want us to answer? Post it in the comments and it just might show up in a

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11 Recipes for 11 Doctors: Shakespearean Shooter Sandwich

Shakespearean Shooter Sandwich That beard. That swagger. Oh, Shakespeare. You’ve never been so sexy. If you slipped into the Tardis for Martha’s first journey back in time, you could not only enjoy the only production of Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labour’s Won,” but also a hearty slice of what would later be called a Shooter’s Sandwich. It’s a sort of cheap cheater’s

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