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Cyberman Pull-Apart Bread Will Delete Your Hunger

Kitchen Overlord - Vegan Cyberman Pull Apart Bread

I was promised the eternal love of a 10 year old boy if I would pretty please make some Cyberman Fougasse. I don’t know how many of you have tried buying a child groom on the open market recently, but a couple hours in the kitchen with goggles, yeast, and a can of edible spray paint has to be a

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Disney Week: Maleficent’s Evil Surprise Ice-Pops


In honor of Disney giving everyone’s favorite evil queen her own live action adventure, this week Kitchen Overlord is indulging your passion for princesses, musicals, and everyone’s favorite animation studio. We’re kicking things off this Memorial Day with a healthy treat as cold as Maleficent’s icy heart. Maleficent’s Evil Surprise Ice-Pops by Sarah Wright 1 cup black berry, black current

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Edible Art: Frelling Food Cubes

KO_Farscape header

Whether you’re raiding a Peacekeeper ship or running from a half Scarran hybrid, these Food Cubes will keep you as well nourished as a Hynerian Dominar. Frelling Food Cubes 1 cup dried Turkish apricots ½ cup unsalted cashews ¾ cup shredded unsweetened coconut ¼ cup coconut flour ½ cup almond flour 4 tbsp honey 2 tbsp melted coconut oil ½

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Edible Art: Futuristic Eloi Fruit Kabobs

Kitchen Overlord - HG Wells Time Machine Illustrated Recipe header

Ditch your boring Victorian dinner party guests for a trip into the distant culinary future with these Wellsian Fruit Kabobs. Eloi Futuristic Fruit Kabobs (from HG Wells The Time Machine) ½ Fresh Pineapple, cut into cubes 6 fresh figs 6 fresh peaches 6 fresh apricots 6 fresh plums or plulots 1 cup Pinot Grigio wine 1 tbsp dark brown sugar

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Vegetarian Week: Potatoes Diana, An Edible Tribute to Wonder Woman

Kitchen Overlord - Wonder Woman Potatoes Diana

Your Kitchen Overlord is sneaking away a great train caper. Rather than leave you hungry in my absence, this week I’m reprinting five of my best vegetarian recipes in honor of the fact that I’m traveling from the hipster enclave of Austin to the hippie rainforest of Portland in a retro-futuristic style the Victorians would’ve admired. Today, we use the

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Starfleet Insignia Stuffed with Vulcan Vegan Keema

Starfleet Stuffed Insignia - Kitchen Overlord

Since our logical Vulcan friends are well known as both vegetarians and adventurous eaters, I made this Vulcan Vegan Keema in their honor. Then, I ruined the vegan-ness it by putting it in puff pastry, because humans are horribly inconsistent. If you want to keep this Star Trek homage entirely vegan, VeganBaking.Net has a great recipe for a totally vegan

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